A Big Update on the Summer Trail Crew

We’ve been so excited to announce the expansion and revamping of our summer trail crew program to the Connecticut Woodlands Conservation Corps (CWCC). For the first time ever, we have two CWCC crews working at the same time! With the addition of this second crew, we are able to tackle twice as many projects on twice as many trails across Connecticut. We hope you’ll join us in celebrating this new chapter of CFPA’s trail crew history because we couldn’t have done it without generous donors and members like you.

The new CWCC program is designed to provide a unique learning and training experience for crew members. In addition to trail maintenance and construction skills, members will gain valuable leadership and team-building skills that translate beyond their time with us.

Every year, our trail crew program grows thanks to your continuous support. Your generosity has made it possible for us to expand and create new opportunities for conservation and outdoor education.

Meet Your 2023 Connecticut Woodlands Conservation Corps



Assistant Trails Coordinator
Mooers Forks, NY


What I studied:

  • I got my Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science Planning & Management through the State University of New York at Plattsburgh in 2020. I also just completed my Master’s degree in Sustainable Forest Management from the University of British Columbia. I’m currently working towards getting my Registered Professional Forester designation in British Columbia.

Why the CWCC?

  • Hiking and camping are the main components of the job. What made me come back was my love of working outside and all things forest management, plus I really enjoy creating things that people can use for years to come.

Goal for the season:

  • Ensure the crews are set up for success in all of their projects, which includes getting meaningful feedback and making changes when necessary. I’d also love to get outside and work with the crews when I can.

My favorite tool is…

  • my hands!

My favorite plant is…

  • ghost pipe

The Bridge Trolls

Crew #1

The Gouda Guys

Crew #2
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About the Connecticut Woodlands Conservation Corps

Connecticut Woodlands Conservation Corps (CWCC) is a paid summer and fall program offered by CFPA. A crew, typically 5-6 members, performs trail maintenance, repair, and construction projects on the 825-mile Blue-Blazed Hiking Trail System in Connecticut. Our crews work on projects large and small to improve the trails and the hiker experience and to reduce impacts on natural resources along trail corridors. Crew members learn from and work closely with professionals and experienced CFPA volunteers to implement sustainable trail-building techniques.

Trail work is very physical. Whether cutting back brush, digging new trails, moving lumber for a bridge, sawing out tree blowdowns, or setting stone steps, crew members use their hands and bodies throughout the day and the season. Crew members will hike up to 5 miles daily, carry their tools and gear, and actively contribute to the work. Whether it’s rain, heat, or beautiful weather, the crew members are prepared to work hard to improve trails.

Learning in the Field

The best way to learn about trail construction and maintenance is in the field. The crews amass a wealth of field experience, travel to unique and forested parts of the State, and are exposed to a wide variety of specialty trail skills. Additionally, crew members attend First Aid & CPR, as well as Leave No Trace training.

Crew members also use hand and power tools every day during the season. With training and supervision, crew members become proficient in using the tools of the trade, including digging tools, drills, chainsaws, rigging equipment, etc.

Supplemental skills and experiences include:

  • Hand tool use & maintenance
  • Botany, Forestry, and Wildlife
  • Camping, Leave No Trace & backcountry cooking
  • Rigging use and safety
  • Chainsaw safety & use
  • Basic structure-building & rough carpentry skills
  • Professional job skills


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