Need an excuse to get outside or check out a new hiking trail?

Looking for more adventures? Craving a new personal challenge for yourself? The Blue-Blazed Hiking Challenge invites you to discover the Blue-Blazed Hiking Trail System, a fantastic way to revitalize and uplift your body and mind!

Blue-Blazed Hiking Challenge

The Challenge

Hike any of the trails in the trail system and accumulate miles, memories, and more hiking experience as you go. There is no time limit—you can complete a challenge category in a single season or across your entire hiking lifetime. Take your time and enjoy going for hikes when you can. Each completed challenge category wins you a prize!

Blue Blazed Challenge 1

The Rules

  1. Hike any of the CFPA-designated Blue-Blazed Trails
  2. Only count one-way mileage (no backtracking) and do not repeat miles on the same trail—we have so many trails to discover!
  3. There is no time limit—do this at your own leisure!
  4. Keep track of your mileage by downloading our Google Sheets Log or MS Excel Log:
  5. Practice Leave No Trace principles, respect the land, and stay on the trails—many of our trails reside on privately owned land.
  6. Have fun!!!!
Water Bottle

Challenge Categories & Corresponding Prizes

  • 50 miles: Hiking Challenge patch
  • 200 miles: Hiking Challenge stainless steel water bottle
  • 400 miles: Hiking Challenge winter fleece beanie
  • 800 miles: Hiking Challenge fleece vest
Blue Blazed Challenge 2

Completing the Challenge

When you’ve completed a challenge category, fill out our Hiking Challenge Completion form and stop into our office to pick up your prize! We can take a photo of you with your favorite hiking boots and the prize you earned. If you have previously started this challenge before this relaunch when it was the Blue Trails Challenge, please fill out our Hiking Challenge Sign-Up form. There will be a question to indicate that you’re a previously continuing participant.

Share Your #Challenge

Share your stories and photos of your hiking challenge adventures to your social media profiles using any of these hashtags:

#BlueBlazedHikingChallenge | #BBHikingChallenge | #CFPAHikeChallenge

Why do the challenge?

If you’re new to the trails, the Blue-Blazed Hiking Trails Challenge is a chance to discover the refreshed and invigorated mind and body that hiking can bring.

If you’re already a hiker, this challenge is another way to keep active and explore new trails outside your immediate region, in different seasons, and with a new purpose. Hike on your own, with your dog, with family, with friends, or with your hiking/outdoor outing club. Pass the word and encourage others to take the challenge!

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