Need an excuse to get outdoors more or discover new hiking trails?

Looking for more adventures? Craving a new personal challenge for yourself? CFPA invites you to discover the Blue-Blazed Hiking Trail System by participating in our Blue-Blazed Hiking Challenge!

Blue-Blazed Hiking Challenge

The Challenge

Hike any of the trails in the trail system and accumulate miles, memories, and more hiking experience as you go. There is no time limit – you can complete any of the challenge categories in a single season or across your entire hiking lifetime. Go at your own pace and receive a prize for each category!

Blue Blazed Challenge 1

The Rules

  1. Hike any of the CFPA-designated trails in the Blue-Blazed Hiking Trails System
  2. Count one-way mileage only and do not repeat miles on the same trail (we have 825+ miles of trails to discover!)
  3. There is no time limit!
  4. Keep track of your mileage by downloading our Mileage Tracking Log
    • You may either download as an Excel File or Make a Copy to your personal Google Drive account. Click on “File” to do so.
  5. Practice Leave No Trace principles, respect the land, and stay on the trails
  6. Most importantly: Have fun!!!!
Water Bottle

Challenge Categories & Prizes

  • 50 miles: Hiking Challenge patch
  • 200 miles: Hiking Challenge stainless steel water bottle
  • 400 miles: Hiking Challenge fleece beanie
  • 800 miles: Hiking Challenge fleece vest
Blue Blazed Challenge 2

Completing Challenge Categories

Once you’ve hiked enough miles to achieve a challenge category, please fill out and submit our Challenge Completion form (one submission per challenge category). Then, you can stop into our office to pick up your prize!

If you have previously started this challenge before under the previous version, the Blue Trails Challenge, please fill out our Hiking Challenge Sign-Up form. There will be a question to indicate that you’re a previously continuing participant. Then, you may fill out and submit your previously achieved categories using the Challenge Completion form.

Sign up now!

Make sure you virtually sign-up for our challenge HERE. If you’re a previous participant of the Blue Trails Challenge, submit your past mileage on our Challenge Completion form and keep on hiking!

Why do the challenge?

If you’re new to the trails, the Blue-Blazed Hiking Trails Challenge is a chance to discover the many benefits that hiking provides.

If you’re already a hiker, this challenge is another way to keep active and explore new trails outside your immediate region, in different seasons, and with a new purpose. 

You can hike on your own, with your furry friends, family, buddies, or clubs. Pass the word on and encourage others to take on the challenge!

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