The Connecticut Forest & Park Association (CFPA) is committed to building on its rich history of forest conservation by continuing and accelerating its forest and trails conservation program.

In order to accomplish this goal, three distinct funds have been developed to help facilitate this core component of CFPA’s mission. These funds reinforce CFPA’s dedication to land protection, management, and enforcement.

Hibbard Trust

The John E. Hibbard Trust for Land and Trails (‘Hibbard Trust’) is a permanent source of funding to help facilitate the protection of the Blue-Blazed Hiking Trails and priority demonstration forests. In 2001, CFPA established the Hibbard Trust for Land and Trails to support our long tradition of protecting natural landscapes and trails in Connecticut. The Trust was created in honor of CFPA’s longtime Executive Director, John Hibbard, champion of conservation legislation for over 40 years. The Trust provides a readily available source of funding for the protection of conservation land. The purpose of this funding is to allow CFPA to move quickly in acquiring critical properties and easements.

Stewardship Fund

The Stewardship Fund is a permanent source of funding for the monitoring and maintenance of CFPA conservation easements and fee properties. Once land is protected, it cannot just be swept aside and forgotten. It must be monitored and managed to ensure its resources are intact well into the future. This fund will help offset the travel costs to monitor CFPA properties and will provide ongoing support for invasive species control, forestry work, and habitat restoration.

Cutler Enforcement Fund

The Cutler Enforcement Fund is a permanent source of funding for the legal defense of CFPA property interests. This fund is named for the Cutler family, who provided an initial donation to get the fund off the ground. CFPA does everything in its power to maintain working relationships with property landowners and neighbors, but as landowners change we are occasionally faced with violations and encroachments that require us to take legal action. This fund helps offset the costs of legal defense insurance, attorney’s fees, consultant fees, and any other costs associated with the legal defense of our property interests. Building this fund helps ensure the perpetual protection of our important resources.

Donate to Our Land Conservation Program

Donate to our Land Conservation Program by indicating which fund your gift will go to in the dedication option. Or if you’d like to establish your own land conservation fund, contact CFPA’s Executive Director, Eric Hammerling via