Trail Length: 27+ miles
Towns: Hamden
Allowed Uses: Hiking, Horseback Riding (designated trails only)
Partners: Connecticut Department of Energy & Environmental Protection (CT DEEP)Sleeping Giant Park Association

Trail Overview

The “Sleeping Giant” is a rugged traprock mountain located 8 miles north of New Haven; it is a prominent landscape feature that is visible for miles. The Giant receives its name from its resemblance to a slumbering giant human figure lying in repose in Sleeping Giant State Park.

Sleeping Giant State Park is a popular recreation area containing over 32 miles of hiking trails, including 5 miles of the 23-mile Quinnipiac Trail. The Sleeping Giant Park Association maintains an extensive trail system within the park. The trails offer distant views from the rocky crags, remote quiet woods, pleasant pine groves, and mountain brooks with mossy cascades.