The Tunxis Trail, in the vicinity of Sawmill Rd and Johnnycake Mountain, is impassable because of a recent housing development. Please follow the detailed bypass instructions outlined below.

NORTHBOUND (1.4 miles)

  1. At the intersection of the Tunxis Trail with the White Dot Trail (blue blazes with white dots), turn left and head west for 0.14 miles to Mountain Top Pass Rd.
  2. Road walk Mountain Top Pass Rd west for 0.25 miles.
  3. Turn right onto Johnnycake Mountain Trail in meadow. Follow orange tipped stakes across meadow to fence at Rock Rd.
  4. Turn right on Rock Rd and road walk for 0.6 miles.
  5. Turn left to continue on blue-blazed Tunxis Trail northbound.

SOUTHBOUND (1.4 miles)

  1. At Rock Rd turn right and follow road west for 0.6 miles.
  2. Turn left when you see dark wooden fence at Johnnycake Mountain.
  3. Follow orange tipped stakes south across meadow to Mountain Top Pass Rd.
  4. Turn left and road walk for 0.25 miles to just past intersection with Sawmill Rd. Look for the White Dot Trail (blue-blazes with white dots).
  5. Follow the White Dot Trail for 0.13 miles to junction with blue-blazed Tunxis Trail.
  6. Turn right and continue southbound.