Property Type: Easement
Town: Eastford
Size: 169 Acres
Public Access: No Public Access

Property Description

This 169 acre conservation easement was donated in two parts to CFPA by Edgar Wyman in 1986 and 1990. It was one of the first conservation easements that CFPA ever protected. Once protected it was divided into three parcels each with one single-family home. These three parcels are all different, but each contain wonderful hardwood woodlands and are teaming with wildlife. A portion of one parcel is used for maple sugaring and a portion of one of the others is used for horses.

Property Map

“This land is an important part of me…it was and still goes way back in my family for over a century, when my Grandfather purchased the land. We’d summer here on Crystal Pond and I met my wife here as well. As a matter of fact, it was here my ‘ole man put an ax in my hand, way back when, and said – ‘how about forestry?’ and so life began! Off I went to the University of New Hampshire and the Yale School of Forestry for schooling, and returned to Connecticut to teach forestry at UCONN. I retired out of state, my children also settled elsewhere, and here I was with 170 acres of forestland in Connecticut…I didn’t want the family property to become a typical piece of developed Connecticut land, so I had the land appraised at its highest use, and after considerable thought and discussion with my family, decided to donate the development rights to the entire parcel to the Connecticut Forest and Park Association. It proved very wise and advantageous…I’m just tickled to death it worked out this way.”

Edgar Wyman

Property Donor