Property Type: Easement
Town: Willington
Size: 96 Acres
Public Access: Public Access Allowed via Nipmuck Trail

Property Description

The North Conservation Easement connects to a series of other protected properties creating a network of uninterrupted forests and farms. This property and the network it connects to provides an area of unfragmented habitat for a variety of wildlife and is critical to the watershed in which it resides. It is also traversed by the Nipmuck Trail, which is part of CFPA’s Blue-Blazed Hiking Trail System. The North Property’s protection was part of a larger project between CFPA, The Town of Mansfield, UConn, the State of Connecticut, and the Norcross Wildlife Foundation to protect over 550 acres of land and 3.5 miles of trail in the region.

Parking: Parking on Mason Road

Property Map

“The North Property is a pristine part of the immediate Fenton River watershed, one of the State’s cleanest rivers and an important regional wildlife corridor. In this locale the Fenton River is over twenty-five feet in width and lies in a ravine fringed by towering white pines and hemlocks, some over three feet in diameter.”

Adam Moore

Former CFPA Executive Director