Property Type: Easement
Town: Willington
Size: 333 Acres
Public Access: Public Access Allowed via Nipmuck Trail

Property Description

The Moss Forest Conservation Easement is a 50-year protection on the UConn Moss Forest. The forest on this property buffers a wonderful section of Fenton River and acts as an educational resource for the Natural Resource Department at UConn. The Nipmuck Trail traverses the southeastern portion of the property. Its protection was part of a larger project between CFPA, The Town of Mansfield, UConn, the State of Connecticut, and the Norcross Wildlife Foundation to protect over 550 acres of land and 3.5 miles of trail in the region.

Parking: Parking on Old Turnpike Road in Mansfield

Property Map

“It provides a living classroom for local college and high school students and elementary schoolchildren. Through Uconn’s Cooperative Extension Education programs, this research forest has the potential to provide untold educational opportunities for forest landowners, land use and conservation commissioners, and foresters and loggers.”

Dan Donahue

CFPA Forest & Trails Conservation Committee Chair