Property Type: Fee-Owned
Town: Tolland
Size: 100 Acres
Public Access: No Public Access

Property Description

Lois Barlow Cox Query was a local activist and community volunteer who understood the importance of land conservation. Lois’ “fierce love of life” was witnessed by all who crossed her path and she instilled in all, her “spirit of adventure and can do approach” that was visible right up to her final months of life. Even as Lois’ health was declining, she made sure that the property she managed and cherished so much would be protected forever from development by donating it to the Connecticut Forest & Park Association in her will. CFPA took ownership of Lois’s 100+ acre property at the very end of 2016.

While Lois owned the 100 acre parcel of mixed grassland and woodland, she actively managed it for 25 years. Starting in the 1990’s, Lois made sure that her land was properly managed; hiring forestry consultants and applying for grants to guide timber harvests and habitat restorations. She was an active owner and an EQIP and Grassland Reserves grant recipient. Lois could regularly be seen building and maintaining bridges and trails on her property and throughout town. She cut and treated invasive plants throughout her property, maintained her pond, and managed her grasslands for rare bird species.

Lois’ legacy “of strength and vision, service and good works, and a commitment to the community she loved” will live on in the protection of this property and in each person she touched. CFPA hopes to enhance the trails and continue the forest management that Lois so dearly loved.

Property Map

“I cannot think of Lois without thinking of the outdoors. Hiking, gardening, or in her antique race car crossing our great country. She adventured everywhere and we all lived the adventure vicariously through her. The oceans, rivers, mountains but most especially the woods called to her. I’m not sure whether it was the joy of planning the next trip or the execution of it that brought her the most happiness. Those adventures could be as grand as Machu Picchu or as humble as her trails in Tolland. Lois loved the land and was not timid in sharing that love with those lives that she touched. We are all blessed to know her and share her adventures. We are blessed to share her legacy.”

Kathy Bach

Neighbor and Friend