Property Type: Easement
Town: Middletown
Size: 256 Acres
Public Access: Public Access allowed via Highlawn Forest Trails.

Property Description

The Highlawn Forest Conservation Easement was donated to CFPA in the will of John R. Camp. The property was set aside as a demonstration forest and outdoor classroom. The Highlawn Forest Trails traverse the property creating about 3 miles of hiking in this highly developed area of the state. The unique ecological composition of this property, featuring conifer plantations, mixed hardwood forest, and red maple swamps supports a diverse array of wildlife species.

Parking Information: Parking at CFPA Headquarters, 16 Meriden Road, Rockfall

Property Map

“I think it’s too precious to be allowed to be developed for houses and I’m glad it’s going to continue to be a forest after I’m gone.”

John R. Camp

Property Donor