Property Type: Easement
Town: Lisbon
Size: 400 Acres
Public Access: No Public Access

Property Description

In 2007, after decades of assembling small properties in Lisbon, Dr. Chris Glenney and his sons, Chris and Dan, decided it was time to protect this 375-acre block of woodland for future generations to enjoy. They worked with CFPA to place two conservation easements on the land that would prevent future development, but allow them to continue using and managing this wonderful property. In 2014, Dr. Glenney worked with Connwood Foresters, Inc. to produce a ten-year management plan for the property and in 2015 a timber harvest was completed to create young forest habitat for species like the New England Cottontail whose habitat has become increasing rare in New England.

In 2015, Chris and Dan again followed the family tradition and purchased an adjoining 30-acre piece of property and immediately began working with CFPA to place another conservation easement over this piece. This now 400+ acre block of protected forest is a stronghold for wildlife in eastern Connecticut. It is not uncommon to take a short walk on this parcel and flush several woodcock or observe great blue herons fishing on the pond in the northwestern corner.

Property Map

“The conservation and management of parcels such as the Glenney Property is essential for the region in order to conserve, preserve and permanently protect these unique areas and also create a ‘green belt’ sanctuary for wildlife. Conservation and management under the stewardship program does a great service for the community by willingly retaining this land as a managed forest, providing and creating habitat for a variety of wildlife and protecting the health of the watershed in which it resides.”

Peter Lesmerises

Connwood Foresters, Inc