Property Type: Fee-Owned
Town: Durham
Size: 152 Acres
Public Access: Public access allowed via Field Forest Trails.

Property Description

The Field Forest was donated to CFPA in the will of Howard B. Field, Jr. who was a longtime resident of Durham and an avid conservationist. It is a forested property with shaded woodland trails and a vernal pool brimming with aquatic and amphibian life. The property is connected to a portion of Cockaponset State Forest just across Bear Rock Road creating a large area of open space that stretches all the way to Millers Pond State Park. Also, Coginchaug Regional High School borders the property to the west making it a perfect educational resource. To view the Field Forest Management Plan click here. To view an updated recommendation for the property’s trail system, click here.

Property Map

“There is a point on the blue and red trail where visitors can stand on top of a hollow and look out across the forest and see all sorts of oak, birch, beech and hickory trees. A pristine vernal pool sits in the middle of the preserve and frogs can be seen diving in as you invade their peace and solitude. A pileated woodpecker can be seen and heard drilling for insects on the side of a dead tree.”

Peter Marteka

Columnist for the Hartford Courant