Property Type: Fee-Owned
Town: Eastford
Size: 51 Acres
Public Access: Public access allowed via Natchaug Trail. No parking on site. Visit our Interactive Trails Map for parking along the Natchaug Trail.

Property Description

The Clemence Forest is made up of two different parcels. A portion of the property was donated to CFPA in 1999 by Roger Clemence to “maintain the beauty and health of these lovely woodland acres.” The rest of the property was purchased in 2006. Both parcels have a history of forest management that CFPA plans to continue. This wonderful property shares its eastern boundary with Bigelow Brook and the Natchaug Trail cuts through the center of this scenic property.

Property Map

“…the boundary edge of the property along Bigelow Brook, a sparkling trout stream gives you and the trail walking public a very special place to visit and enjoy.”

Roger Clemence

Property Donor