Property Type: Fee-Owned
Town: Middlefield
Size: 3 Acres
Public Access: Allowed via Highlawn Forest Trails

Property Description

This property was given to CFPA by John R. Camp. He also generously donated an easement to Highlawn Forest, which abuts this property to the north. When Mr. Camp donated this three-acre piece it was for CFPA to build a headquarters. The building went up in the mid 80’s and has been our home ever since. Various groups use the community meeting room downstairs and upstairs hosts our staff of 11 conservation professionals.

Property Map

“The Connecticut Chapter of the Appalachian Mountain Club (AMC-CT) is only one of the many conservation and outdoor focused organizations who benefit from the meeting space offerred to such groups by CFPA. Within the AMC-CT chapter itself, our Executive, Appalachian Trail, Northwest Camp, and Conservation Committees all use the space for business meetings and training events. The downstairs meeing room is perfect for such activities, and has the added benefit of being geographically central from all areas of the State. By providing a place for volunteer organizations such as ours to conduct business, the CFPA headquarters serves as the hub for state-wide conservation, education, and recreation activism.”

David Boone

AMC-CT Appalachian Trail Committee Chairman