Property Type: Easement
Town: Haddam
Size: 32 Acres
Public Access: Public Access Allowed via Bamforth Property Trails.

Property Description

The Bamforth Property was given to the Haddam Land Trust in 2004. Simultaneously a Conservation Easement was given to CFPA to ensure that the property is protected forever. The property contains open grassland ringed by forest across the street from a portion of Cockaponset State Forest.The Haddam Land Trust manages the site for grassland birds.

Parking: Parking on Bamforth Road.

Property Map

“A visit to the Haddam Land Trust’s Bamforth property is always a joy. The property, a large hay field surrounded by tree lines provides wonderful views to the south along the Turkey Hill Brook valley. Wander the property’s trail as it snakes in and out of the trees and along a brook. Bring your cross country skis in the winter and enjoy nicely rolling trails. The scenes are always amazing with fiery colors in the fall, snow blanketed fields in winter, young green shoots in spring and hay past your waist in the summer. The Bamforth Property, definitely worth a visit.”

Rob Butterworth

CFPA Forest & Trails Conservation Committee Member