Property Type: Easement
Town: Bloomfield
Size: 40 Acres
Public Access: Public access allowed

Property Description

Auerfarm State Park Scenic Reserve was once part of the historic Auerfarm property that was a working farm for 40 years. It abuts the 4-H Education Center at Auerfarm that provides agricultural education to the greater Hartford region. This property maintains some of the most scenic views of the Metacomet Ridge on the nearby Talcott Mountain State Park and the variety of habitats, including woodlands, apple orchards, and grasslands, act as valuable feeding, resting, and breeding sites for an array of wildlife.

Property Map

“This gift provides undeveloped open space for passive recreation to the largely urban demographics of Greater Hartford. The sheer closeness to Hartford and Bloomfield and the potential to preserve these unspoiled acres would be a magnificent addition to the 100 year old State of CT Parks Division. The Auerfarm tract offers commanding views of the western flanks of Talcott Mountain, the City of Hartford and the CT River Valley. On a clear day, one can see from Mt. Tom in Springfield, Massachusetts to the stone quarries far south of Hartford. In a day and age when many people are short-sighted about the windfall of land development it is a refreshing gesture that Elizabeth Schiro would like to donate this land to the people of CT. She is committed to returning this unspoiled natural site to the public domain.”

Vincent Messino

State Park and Forest Supervisor, DEEP