Make your mark on Connecticut’s woodlands, become a Master Woodland Manager!

“Really enjoyed the program and learned a tremendous amount. The instructors are amazing and easy to relate to. They are clear and passionate about what they do.”

Master Woodland Manager Participant, 2022 Cohort

CFPA is excited to offer the fourth round of the Connecticut Master Woodland Manager (MWM) program beginning September 2024. This year-long program provides woodland owners and managers with the knowledge and skills that they need to make the right decisions for their woodland that can help enhance their lives and help wildlife and the environment.

The MWM program provides a flexible, interactive experience that provides both virtual and field learning opportunities. Learn from Connecticut’s top forestry and wildlife professionals, and join a community of woodland supporters!

The Connecticut Master Woodland Manager program is brought to you by a grant from the United States Forest Service and the Connecticut Forest & Park Association through a partnership with the Connecticut Department of Energy & Environmental Protection, UConn, Yale, Audubon Connecticut, and Connecticut Land Conservation Council.

The CT MWM program was awarded the national 2023 Family Forests Education Award from the National Woodland Owners Association and the National Association of University Forest Resources Programs.

This course has been outstanding and I have learned tons. I will be recommending this program to others. The field meetings and online classes have been very informative.” 

Master Woodland Manager Participant, 2022 Cohort

The Master Woodland Manager program is right for you if you:

  • Own or interact with a woodland of any size
  • Value Connecticut’s woodlands and want to help steward them for future generations
  • Want to support wildlife and reduce the effects of climate change
  • Want to help your local economy and preserve the legacy of Connecticut’s woodlands

Course Requirements :

  • Online Learning: About 18 hours of online learning is required.
  • Core Learning: You do not have to attend every Core Learning event, however a minimum of 32 hours of core learning is required. Core learning is always “in real time”, whether the program takes place in-person or virtually. Most in-person programs take place Saturday mornings. Typically virtual programs occur during weeknight evenings.
  • Electives: You are required to participate in six electives of your choice, based on your interests. Electives must be at least one hour in length.
  • Woodland Survey and Goals-Setting Worksheet: This guided process will help you get to know your woodland.
  • Outreach: Graduates are expected to share their knowledge with others. You will have an opportunity to plan your outreach during the program. 


You may submit an application for the 2024-2025 program year below.

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