Thankful for Forests, Parks,
Trails & You

As 2022 winds down, it’s important to take stock of what you’re thankful for. And also to look forward to what still lies ahead to be done.


During the pandemic over the last two years, I have felt EXTRA thankful for the many forests, parks, and trails that allow me to mentally de-stress and recharge. And we have heard from many people that they found CFPA and also found themselves while spending more time outdoors for their mental and physical health.

Fortunately, at CFPA, our board, staff, and amazing volunteers remain dedicated to continuing the challenging but fulfilling work to ensure positive outcomes for forests, parks, and trails for both you and future generations to enjoy.

As you know, our work involves:

  • Providing educational experiences that grow stewards and encourage lifelong inspiration for the protection of the forest, trails, open spaces, and the environment
  • Supporting volunteer trail managers, CFPA Trail Crews, and many partners who ensure the upkeep of footpaths, bridges, kiosks, blazes, and other trail infrastructure across over 825 miles of Blue-Blazed Hiking Trails
  • Partnering with DEEP, land trusts, water companies, private landowners, and many others to keep longer trails connected. Special victories like the protection of Deer Lake and over 2 miles of the Chatfield Trail deserve a special recognition this year
  • Protecting the “Passport to the Parks” program in Hartford to ensure critical funding to maintain State Parks remains dedicated, AND to enable all Connecticut residents to attend State Parks and Forests without an entry fee (ensuring our public lands don’t include built-in obstacles to broad public enjoyment)
  • And raising public awareness of important conservation challenges for Connecticut in Connecticut Woodlands, the Connecticut Walk Book, Rock Root & Trail, and much, much more!

This ongoing work is only possible thanks to you.

On behalf of the Board and Staff at CFPA, thank you for your generous involvement with us!