P’sst, You’re Making Better Trails

Creating safe trails is an ongoing and
costly task that you solve one structure at a time!


Thick layers of mud threaten to injure
—and dirty!—hikers and pets in areas with poor drainage and compact soil. But thanks to your commitment, and the help of dedicated volunteers, muddy muck disappeared from a section of the Metcacomet Trail in Farmington.

Every year CFPA builds trail structures for hiker safety. One of the biggest challenges for trails is keeping them open and safe where they cross rivers, creeks, streams, and other natural obstacles.

Trail staff and volunteers hoist heavy bags of stone to put on the trail turnpike on the Metacomet Trail in Farmington.


These obstacles can force hikers to turn back or go around—which can result in trail braiding (widening the trail) or going through unsafe areas. Your support helps create better trails, one trail structure at a time.

“One of the biggest challenges for trails is keeping them open and safe where they cross rivers, creeks, streams, and other natural obstacles.”

These structures are an ongoing and costly need. Luckily for us all, some people volunteer their time, tools, and expertise to keep the trails safe for hikers like you—volunteers like Kent Glowa.

Building a large turnpike in the middle of the woods on the Metacomet Trail is not an easy (or cheap!) project. You make it possible for CFPA to get the needed supplies but some projects need extra powerful tools and brains.

“Kent donated his company’s services so that more people could enjoy the outdoors…”

Kent’s construction experience is exactly what was needed to help CFPA navigate building a large turnpike in a challenging area. Kent donated his company’s, Kencore Construction, services so that more people could enjoy the outdoors without worrying about getting stuck in sticky conditions. With his expertise, crew, and heavy equipment, an important trail turnpike was built in no time.

You should feel proud that your support keeps these projects running and protects your Blue-Blazed Hiking Trails from eroding. Together, you keep the trails safe and accessible for everyone to enjoy—snow, rain, or sun!



Hikers know how important it is to have a dry and safe trail. That is why CFPA uses trail structures like trail turnpikes to keep hikers dry and preserve the trails. Trail turnpikes are a major, labor-intensive structure that is only possible because of generous hikers like you.


So, how are trail turnpikes made? Trail crew members place wooden logs or beams along the side of a dug-out area filled with stone dust or gravel. Drainage along the sides redirects water away from the trail. The elevated turnpike helps to prevent hikers from trail braiding into sensitive ecological areas to avoid mud.


The next time you’re out on the Metacomet Trail, take a hike to the Farmington Trail Turnpike – you’ll be glad you did! Thanks to your donations, trails are maintained, safe, and enjoyable for all hikers.

❤️ Donors like you make a difference. Thanks for creating a lifetime of fun outdoors.

This article is from the February 2023 edition of Rock, Root & Trail. Read more stories of impact in the latest edition of Rock, Root & Trail.

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