Lily and Clara Have Been Donating to the Connecticut Forest & Park Association Since They Were 4 Years Old

Their story is one of incredible generosity and commitment to help what they love.


Lily and Clara are two of CFPA’s youngest donors. They have been donating to CFPA since they were four years old! What started as coins in a jar has grown over the years and now they choose to donate cash to charities of their choice.

Their parents, Adam and Fabricia, taught them about the importance of giving and how it can make a difference in someone’s life. This has been a driving force for the two sisters, with a jar set aside specifically because “I want to help people”.

They are donating to CFPA because they love the outdoors and want to share their favorite places with others. They know that the money they give to CFPA will help others get outside and protect trails, forests, and parks.

Lily and Clara have been an inspiration to the CFPA community and beyond. The two sisters are proof that generosity and kindness can come from anywhere and at any age. Their donations have made a positive impact on many lives, and their story will continue to be an inspiration to many. They have shown that giving can be fun and rewarding and that it can truly make a difference for the outdoors.


This article is from the February 2023 edition of Rock, Root & Trail. Read more stories of impact in the latest edition of Rock, Root & Trail.

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