CFPA Trail Signage

CFPA would like to have consistent and standardized signs and kiosks across our Blue-Blazed Hiking Trail System. This includes Trail Signs, Notice Boards, and Trailhead Kiosks.  If you have antiquated, damaged, outdated, or inaccurate signage, please complete the form below, and CFPA will add your submissions to the sign production queue.

Types of Trail Signage

All trailheads on the Blue-Blazed Hiking Trail System should have a sign to assist hikers in locating the trail. This trail sign, fastened to a post or tree, can be in addition to a noticeboard or kiosk in a parking area. Signs must include the trail name and the BBHT Oval. Signs may also include directional arrows, mileage, and points of interest. Click the arrows below to learn more about the different types of signs.

Trail Identification Sign

Trail name with BBHT nameplate.

Directional Sign

Trail name with BBHT nameplate and right, left, or up directional arrow.

Mileage Sign

Trail name with BBHT nameplate with mileage.

Map Notice Board

Signs can also be used at confusing trail intersections or junctions. However, if more than one sign is required to clarify the trail name, location, or direction, consider the use of a small map notice board. Notice boards are ideal for loop or multi-trail intersections or other permanent information. Materials displayed in standard notice boards are restricted to 8 ½ x 11 inches and 8 ½ x 14 inches.

Trail Head Kiosks

Kiosks are to be used in parking areas with a minimum capacity of four vehicles. Kiosks contain a large laminated poster (30”+/- x 23 inches) of the trail map, icons for approved trail use, Leave No Trace guidelines, CFPA description, a QR code, and other information about the area (other organizations, land trusts, etc). Kiosks may also have a CFPA brochure box mounted on the side. Additional space below the poster is provided for other information. Before posting other information, consult with the sign committee/CFPA Trails Director.

Please complete a separate form for each Routed Wooden Sign Request.
Multiple types of signage can be Included in a Single Request.
Example: A Kiosk, A Map Notice Board, A Left turn arrow, and a Routed Wooden Sign can all be included on a single form. Thank you!