Welcome for the 2024 Season!!!

We will have a great season, but first we need to complete some paperwork!

Required Supporting Documentation

Please email the following documents to


  • Clear Photo or Scan of Driver’s License or State ID
  • Clear Photo or Scan of I-9 documentation
    • Passport (or) Social security Card (or)  Birth certificate (or) (See next line)
    • Other Approved documentation as listed on Page 4 of the I-9 document

Direct Deposit Verification Documentation

  • Clear Image or Scan of one of the Following
    • Voided Check (or) Bank Letter (or) Account Specific Deposit Slip (or) Screen Capture

Note: If a Screen Capture is used it must show the Bank Name, Routing Number, and Account Number in a single image

Note: It is Recommended you open documents in a new window or new tab. 

  • PC = Ctrl + Click
  • Mac = Command/⌘ + Click
  • Mobile = Long Press then select appropriate option

Below are links to ALL Required Paperwork.

CWCC Member Document Checklist

CWCC Member Document Checklist

CFPA/CWCC Documents to Review and Sign and/or Initial

Sign 2nd Page of Offer Letter CFPA Employee Handbook CWCC Member Gear List

Vehicle Use Agreement Only required If 21 or older 

Vehicle Use Agreement Only

(Note: Supervisor is Alexander Bradley)

Required Government Hiring Paperwork

CT W-4 Federal W-4 Federal I-9

Required Payroll Paperwork

Employee Set Up and Maintenance Form Authorization For Direct Deposit

(Please emailed the Required Supporting Documentation to

Required Google forms to be completed

CWCC Uniform Form Parking for Wesleyan Crew Bio Form

2024 CWCC Questionnaire (Medical/ Private/Sealed)

2024 CWCC Questionnaire (Preferences)

Documents to download for reference

CWCC Member Document checklist

CWCC Member Gear List

CFPA Employee Handbook

If you have any questions please email