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James L. Goodwin Conservation Center

23 Potter Road
Hampton, CT 06481 United States


Event Type: Presentation

Audience: all are welcome

Organizer: Adam Drouin

Event Description

Prepare for the spring at the Goodwin Forest Conservation Center with an informative talk given by Jean Vose, an experienced Master Gardener and certified horticulturist. Considering the growing concern over the recent loss and disappearance of honeybees and other pollinators across the world, many backyard enthusiasts are rediscovering a relatively simple and fun way to assist the honeybee and other essential pollinators. By providing a pollinator habitat in the yard, one can increase the quality and quantity of their garden fruits and vegetables. The talk will include how to attract pollinators of all kinds through creating environments that support them, as well as eco-friendly tips. Jean Vose has been a Master Gardener since 1994, has been active in the Maine Master Gardener program for 23 years, and was an active backyard beekeeper for over 30 years. Reach out to adampdrouin@gmail.com with any questions. Limited space, please register below.

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